5 Takeaways from Path to Purchase eCommerce Symposium

5 Takeaways from Path to Purchase eCommerce Symposium

 5 Takeaways from Path to Purchase eCommerce Symposium

If you couldn’t make it this year, here’s the must-knows from the event:

  1. Know your competition.
    It is likely that the competition a brand faces on the brick and mortar shelf is different from the competition it faces on the digital shelf. Digital natives are winning eCommerce in a big way, meaning the top products on an eRetailer site don’t even exist outside of the digital world. Some major brands in the health and wellness space have found that as little as 10% of their top competitors overlap when comparing activity online vs. brick and mortar.

  2. Build a dedicated, not designated team.
    Speed to market is key in eCommerce, but many employees are designated as members of an eCommerce team on top of already existing responsibilities. However, identifying a team of dedicated individuals creates a streamlined process and consistency in strategy and information.

  3. The data driven brand will win.
    Making data driven decisions is key to ensuring a brand doesn’t get buried by algorithms. Brands should focus on their data driver SKUs to feature on a product page, optimize product assortment for eCommerce, and supplement an ‘always on’ strategy with additional offers during moments of velocity based on purchasing trends or key seasons.

  4. Accuracy counts.
    Content is one of the top drivers of conversion. It’s not enough to just invest in creating the content, but ensuring it’s delivered on-time and updated for accuracy is a must. Disabled products, due to inaccuracy, can cost a brand sales and share. pep has worked with clients to update content once it’s gone live to ensure less disabled SKUs and ultimately more sales.

  5. Deliver a consistent omnichannel experience. 
    While online shopping has spiked dramatically, consumers are still shopping and purchasing across all channels. Brands need to make it easy for consumers to recognize and find a product, enabling purchase by driving consistency anywhere a consumer interacts with the brand.

eCommerce is highly detailed and complex, with many organizations lacking structure to deliver growth effectively. pep’s mission is to manage the details, so brands can focus on the big picture. We’ve been working with clients and have seen results through operationalizing content and other fundamentals, like ratings & reviews. We’d love to work with your team to accelerate your eCommerce sales!


Kristen Kasberg
Account Executive
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