Celebrating Our Fathers

Celebrating Our Fathers

How do you balance having children and a full-time career?

Planning is the biggest thing. It is important to take into account what my children need and prioritize those things -- making sure you make time for everything including: vacations, athletic events, outings, and just the day to day necessities for my children.

What should professional fathers consider before starting employment or returning back to work?

If the father has options, they should consider how the work schedules fit in with the family, making time for both. The number one thing that should be understood is the responsibility/demands of the workplace alongside the quality of life after work. It all goes back to planning.

What is something you do outside of work to fulfill your other interests?

I try to coach baseball and am interested in beer making.

What can working fathers do to manage their time better?

Planning! Always be ahead of everything and able to combine one’s work calendar alongside their life calendar.

Does raising kids teach you any skills that you can use in the workplace?  

Absolutely, time management for sure and patience. These are probably the two biggest components that I’ve learned after having kids.

What do you appreciate the most that pep offers to working parents?  

Flexibility is number one, and also that they have an initiative geared towards a better quality of life. Everybody at pep is there to help you. As a parent you have a lot of things going on outside of work, so the level of support is great and sets employees up to be successful!



Forrest Irwin
Account Executive


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