pep Turns 15!

pep Turns 15!

Exactly one week ago, on July 26th, 2019, pep celebrated its 15th anniversary. What better way to kick-off the anniversary week, than with the annual Mid-Year Business Review? Employees from the Cincinnati headquarters, as well as satellite employees from pep offices across the country, traveled into the Queen City for a day filled with reflection and forward-thinking. The event consisted of business updates, breakout training sessions, teambuilding, service awards, and a presentation on inclusion.

Something unique to this specific Mid-Year, and one that I personally found to be genuinely refreshing, was the Values Storytelling component that was incorporated into the day. Five poised employees volunteered to step-up on the main stage and share a personal account of an experience at pep that specifically tied back to one of our core values: Accountability, Excellence, Ingenuity, People, and Tenacity. What is commonly referred to as our “Strategic Framework”, these five values are the heart and soul of pep and what truly inspires every decision made as individuals, teams, and the company as a whole. This was not only a great opportunity to showcase the work that individuals and teams are delivering for clients or internally, but also provided real-life connections to our mission as a company. It was the perfect “back-to-the-basics” vibe that, although 15 years later, still holds authentic and true.

Once the day activities concluded, the festivities continued into the evening with an Anniversary Celebration Dinner at Backstage Event Center. The space buzzed with conversation as people caught up on business and life over delicious food and drink, but the highlight of the evening had to be the 15-Year Service Awards for a few of our leaders who have been there from pep’s inception. Ben Seinen (CEO), Adrienne Stewart (VP Client Operations), and Dave Kroeger (Executive Chairperson), all received this prestigious award with extreme gratitude in looking back on the past 15 years, and inspired enthusiasm in looking to the next 15.  It’s a rare occasion when nearly the entire company is together in one place, traditionally twice a year, but it’s always one filled with vigor and excitement.

pep leadership candidly recognized this milestone as something that could not have been achieved without the diligent effort and contribution put in by all, day-in and day-out, over the course of the last 15 years. As a way to continue reinforcing the importance of this team effort mentality and to simply say thank you, 15 weeks of surprises led up to Mid-Year. Some of these included fun team buildings, giveaways, pep swag and more! To honor the official anniversary on July 26, in true pep fashion, the 15th surprise revolved around bringing it back to the community. All teams were provided with the opportunity to get out and serve together with an organization of their choice. What better way to honor pep’s 15 years than by putting the pep value of accountability in action – by doing what’s right for our clients AND our communities.



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At pep, we deliver on your strategy – seamlessly managing all the details so that you can stay focused on your big picture. Through sustained optimization of marketing operations, we help companies execute their marketing campaigns more effectively than anyone else in the world.

We know that sourcing is essential to your success. With intelligent and efficient sourcing, we leverage scale and spend in order to save you time and money. Using our measurable and customizable benchmarking process, we offer you full transparency into your spend. In addition, with pepconnect®, our campaign management and sourcing tool, we’re able to consistently and successfully achieve your objectives.

We pride ourselves on being long-term partners who provide quality assurance, improved speed to market and risk mitigation. Our results back us up: we’ve managed campaigns for over 750 brands, delivering an average of 21% savings on over $5 billion in marketing spend.

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