A Day in the Life Series: Budget Specialist

A Day in the Life Series: Budget Specialist

Samantha Slawinski A Day in the Life Interview


What is a Budget Specialist?

  • It is a very broad term, but essentially, we manage day to day tasks that are budget related. We help navigate Budget Management software, open POs, process invoices, and forecast/analyze how to spend the budget for the fiscal year. Lastly, we are constantly troubleshooting and acting as a liaison for both Finance and Marketing.

How does a Budget Specialist impact pep?

  • Every institution has some sort of use for a budgeting team to come in and help manage funds month over month. In essence, we are here to reduce the budget management needs off the plate of our marketers.

What is your favorite place to travel?

  • Anywhere with a beach, blue water, and a boat. Recently I went to the British Virgin Islands and sailed on a boat for 3 weeks. I had the opportunity to meet amazing and well-cultured people!

If you could have dinner with 3 people in the world who would they be?

  • Ben Seinen, pep’s CEO, because it would be great to just “catch up” and hear what he is doing outside of work like if he’s into new activities has plans to travel, etc.  I would also ask questions like, “If there is one the he could do different or change, what would it be?” or “If he had one billion dollars what would he do with it for pep?” Next, I would pick Cody Johnson and John Pardi so they could sing to me (2-in-1). Lastly, I would have dinner with my Grandpa.

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