A Day in the Life Series: Account Supervisor – Display Solutions

A Day in the Life Series: Account Supervisor – Display Solutions

​Karyn Marriott – A Day in the Life Interview


How is your role with displays unique to pep?

  • My role specifically is a hybrid role for the display spend which is what we consider a solution based spend. It was created to build expertise within the spend. I project manage the requests that come from the clients and am also responsible for acting as the procurement person for those clients. It is essentially end-to-end promotion management that allows us to act as the single point of contact with our brands on their complex spend.

How did you gain and build your knowledge of displays?

  • I came to pep with a background in retail merchandising. Since starting at pep as an Account Coordinator almost eight years ago, I honed-in on displays throughout my time. I have great leaders who’ve groomed me into an excellent project manager and have a great supply base that helps educate the team. I also try to do my own research about the products and services we provide. Understanding the industry, made possible through several resources available at our disposal, displays my value to the brands. 

What is Marketing Operations to you?

  • Marketing Operations is acting as an extension of our clients and ensuring that we collectively manage the functions of promotions by accepting responsibility for the details, budget, timing and processes. It is allowing our client contacts the capacity to focus on the bigger picture as we provide the operational excellence to execute programs efficiently and effectively.

What tips do you have for someone considering a career in Marketing Operations?

  • You need to be very detailed oriented and organized to ensure that you are driven and dedicated to the best possible outcome. You cannot not be afraid to come with new ideas and think outside the box for the greater good of the client and to achieve their key goals. Finally, don’t shy away from change because there is something new that happens every day!

How have you found work/life fit at pep?

  • I am in a unique situation because I work remotely from my home; this has been hugely beneficial for someone like myself who is growing a family. It allows me to put in the work/accomplish the goals necessary and to take care of my family. I am very appreciative of pep and how they drive other employees to establish their own work/life fit because it is different for everybody.

If you could have any super power what would it be and why?

  • Control Father Time – I want to slow down and replay the amazing moments that I have had and there are some experiences that I wish I could fast forward through.

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