A Day in the Life Series: Account Executive – Coupons

A Day in the Life Series: Account Executive – Coupons

​Caitlyn LoGiudice – A Day in the Life Interview


The execution of coupons through multiple delivery methods has been a core capability of pep since day one.  The expertise crosses so many of our teams we have a Coupon Core team that meets regularly to share industry best practices.  We’ve asked Caitlyn LoGiudice, an Account Executive with expertise in coupon operations, to share more about how she has found success in her role.



What was your experience prior to coming to pep?

  • Before joining the pep team, I was an account and project manager at a NYC marketing agency. My work was focused on the planning and creative development of various promotional tactics including in-store displays, FSIs and packaging for top CPG brands like Oreo, Lysol, Ricola and Fruity Pebbles among many others.

How did you build your expertise in coupons?

  • Prior to coming to pep, I did have experience coding coupons but it wasn’t until I joined the pep L’Oreal team that I was able to build an expertise in all aspects of coupons - planning/forecasting, execution and performance analysis. I was able to do so by attending trainings and job shadows with team members who had significant experience working with coupons, digging into redemption data and results from previously executed programs and becoming knowledgeable about the pros & cons associated with the various coupon delivery tactics and vendors.

How do you stay relevant with coupon industry trends and best practices?

  • I am constantly talking to family, friends and acquaintances about how they search for and get discounts while shopping to get a sense of consumer behavior, trends and new coupon vendors. I frequently check promotional vehicles – weekly FSI booklets, coupons.com, the Ibotta mobile app, etc. – to stay up to date with what competitors and other CPG companies are doing. The “Coupons in the News” newsletter and ACP webinars are also a great resources and an easy way to stay on top of industry news.

Which of pep’s values resonates with you the most?

  • Ingenuity – one of the things I enjoy most in my role is brainstorming creative solutions to challenges and bringing innovative recommendations and process improvements to the table. I’m constantly looking to grow & challenge myself and strive to make my team’s work – promotions, processes, reports – the best they can be for our clients.

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