A Day in the Life: Talent Acquisition

A Day in the Life: Talent Acquisition

Afton Palmer - A Day in the Life Series

With People being one of our core values at pep, we make it a priority to find candidates with the right talent and mindset to fill our open positions. Our Talent Acquisition Coordinator, Afton Palmer, plays a vital role in finding us the best job candidates. You can often find her bouncing between networking events, trying to build up connections in our satellite locations, or interviewing potential candidates. As you can see, no two days are the same for her. Continue reading to learn more on how Afton uses her strengths to connect with others and build meaningful relationships. 

What was your experience prior to pep?

  • I had just completed two associate degrees at Cincinnati State and was really interested in marketing. My interest and experience in recruiting came from my volunteer experience with the Cincinnati American Marketing Association. I spent roughly two years recruiting new volunteers and members for this organization. It wasn’t until I was working in market research that I decided it would make more sense to do something that I have already done successfully, and truly enjoy doing.

What advice do you have for someone trying to switch fields?

  • Get involved in professional organizations that can give you the opportunity to “try out” what you are interested in doing as a full-time career. This will give you a chance to see a lot of the ins and outs of how one organization will work. Additionally, it will give you the opportunity to show future employers that you truly are invested in your career by paying for membership, attending events, networking with people, and participating in chapter activities.

How has stepping out of your comfort zone and taking on challenges helped you to grow this year?

  • It has allowed me to think differently, which is always a good sign for growth. I have had to step up and make decisions I would not have always made on my own. 

What does work-life-balance look like for you?

  • pep makes work-life-balance very easy for me. If I need to go to a networking event, or even teach a yoga class, I can do that. Doctor’s appointments, volunteer opportunities, and wellness classes are all a part of my work-life-balance. pep makes it easy to take a break and step away as needed.

"I lean into work as needed and lean into life as needed."

Which of pep’s values resonates with you the most?

  • Our “People” value resonates with me the most. I truly care about the candidates' journey and feel like I have done my job well when I see them get an offer. I also really enjoy making new relationships for myself, as well as connecting others that may not have easily connected otherwise.

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