A Day in the Life Series: Account Executive – Coupons

A Day in the Life Series: Account Executive – Coupons

Tracy Dalluge - A Day in the Life Interview 

Our clients look to us as a partner for many reasons, including our operational excellence, industry knowledge, and attention to detail. Tracy Dalluge has been able to build upon her past experiences by using her network and resources to deliver results for her client. At the core, she focuses on the relationships she can build with her teammates and clients to drive success for herself and her clients. We asked Tracy to share more about her experience at pep.

How has your background impacted your success in your current role?

  • My background in Retail Merchandising and Management has been extremely impactful to my success in my current role. My education and previous work experience provided me with a foundational understanding of consumer behavior and expectations, as well as organizational and problem solving skills. I have always been a very detail oriented person as well, which is an invaluable skill to have in the world of coupon execution and project management.

What advice would you have from someone coming into an Account Executive role?

  • I would say take the time to dive in and understand the "why" behind the various aspects and tasks involved in your role. This will help you see the big picture and provide deeper meaning to your process. Also, always remember to give yourself grace. There will be times when it feels like everything will come crashing down if you make a mistake or miss a deadline, but we have to remember we are all human and we aren’t saving lives.

How do you stay current with trends and best practices?

  • At pep, we are lucky to have so many resources available to us internally. I participate in our monthly Coupon Core team discussions where each team brings new learnings and challenges to brainstorm together. pep is also a member of ACP, an industry leader for emerging coupon trends and best practices. I attend as many of their webinars as I can. I also subscribe to a daily "Coupons in the News" newsletter.

What does “client-centric” mean to you?

  • To me, "client-centric" means putting your best foot forward every day to deliver optimal results for your client. Being client-centric is at the core of pep's purpose, which is to “fuel clients’ growth with smart marketing operations”. At the end of the day, we are here to do right by our clients and we strive for successful growth together.

Which of pep's values resonates with you the most?

  • Between all of pep's top 5 values, "People" is the one that resonates with me most. My team is amazing - we are small, but mighty, and I attribute my personal successes to having such a supportive team.

"When I was searching for a new job opportunity in 2018, one of my main priorities was to find a company that truly cares about and values their people. I am thankful I found that at pep! Their dedication to work-life balance as well as training, development, and growth has been such a refreshing change for me."

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