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We track promotion details
Like no one else in the industry.


We've executed over 25,000 projects with excellence. Using our proprietary project management system called PepConnect®, we track promotion details like no one else in the industry.

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PepConnect® is at the center of everything we do. It's a user friendly, custom designed data management system used to store and track promotion data, costs, contacts, timelines and reporting features—all accessible from an easy-to-use dashboard. By tracking all data in a project, from specs and costs to goals and delivery details to watch outs and key learnings, we finish on time, on budget and with cost savings. Even better, it's a system you can access anytime for progress updates.

Track Record

Pep can say with confidence that we will execute your marketing campaign more efficiently and effectively than anyone else in the world. Here's our record—all while delivering cost savings to our clients.

25,000 Unparalleled Programs and Counting. $2.5 Billion Managed.
9.5 Average Customer Rating (Out of 10). 99.5% On-time. 99.5% On-budget.