pep Takes Pride in Diversity & Inclusion

pep Takes Pride in Diversity & Inclusion


When it comes to a place to work, pep is superior to other places that I have worked in the past. As a pep employee, there are many opportunities to get involved with internal communities and ERGs (Employee Resource Groups) that create external impact. One of our growing opportunities is the PRIDE ERG! This is a place to learn more about the LGBTQIA community through webinars, Lunch and Learns, participation in the PRIDE Cincinnati Festivities, and relationship building.


The PRIDE ERG’s mission is “To provide the LGBTQ community and allies within pep a voice, and the assurance that they can bring their whole selves to work. To provide opportunities for professional and social growth through education, networking, leadership, and community engagement.” Our vision is “To foster a culture of acceptance, love, and equality within the workplace and community.” The heart of pep is our people and we value each individual for their whole self. We strive for an environment where everyone feels welcomed, supported, and driven to succeed. We embrace and respect an array of perspectives, backgrounds, and strengths.

In fact, one of our very own, Patrice Miller, had the opportunity to witness firsthand the inclusive environment that PRIDE represents. Her decision was one that not only strengthened the relationship with the client but proved to be a memorable experience she won’t soon forget.

"This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending Toronto’s 2019 Pride Event in partnership with one of pep’s longstanding clients. The weekend festival spread through 22 city blocks that were closed to traffic. Toronto was absolutely buzzing with smiles, glitter, positivity, & an alarming amount of nudity. There was a palpable energy of love and acceptance (even Google Maps had the parade route marked in rainbows for the weekend!) that I am so grateful to have been a part of. 

This was the brand’s 2nd year sponsoring a booth, with this year’s footprint double-the-size of last (10’x20’), complete with GIF-style photo booth, over-sized product props, & drag queens (a pleasantly surprising divesture from the brand’s traditionally conservative nature). We had a prime booth location in a high-traffic area that allowed for a ton of engagement and sampling opportunities. The drag queens that were hired for the booth are local Toronto celebrities and passersby were star-struck/thrilled with the opportunity to take a photo with them.  

This was also the brand’s 3rd year sponsoring a 50ft rainbow decorated semi-truck float. We were the 19th float out of a group of over 200 - the parade lasted over 4 hours! On the float we had a dj +hype queen, 4 drag queens, ~15 Toronto-based LGBTQIA+ influencers, and ~20 client contacts. Riding on the float was an absolute blast – it was basically a 2-hour long dance party with bubbles, flags, squirt guns, and feeling like celebrity. A mix of hired reps and client contacts walked alongside the float distributing samples (we distributed 50,000 product samples throughout the course of the weekend!), dancing, and loving on the crowd of thousands of people who came downtown to support and watch the parade."

PRIDE month may be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean our support of this community fades with it. We are dedicated to applying our learnings to the greater good of our organization, our clients and our communities, every month of the year.





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