We manage over 21 marketing spend categories, working to assess and qualify supplier capabilities, maintin supplier relationships, and measure supplier performance metrics against pep’s KPIs.

We conduct in-depth analyses of business metrics, which are leveraged internally for sourcing benchmarks, as well as reporting to clients. Spend, volume, savings, opportunities, service levels, and activity levels are leveraged to manage your business and deliver results; this level of detail and personalized consultation is why companies like yours are outsourcing purchasing efforts time and time again to our team.

We provide this level of excellence through 5 core functions:

  • Smart sourcing
    Customized and scaled solutions are delivered using our expertise across all marketing services along with our experienced buyers and a diverse supply base.
  • pepconnect®
    Our proprietary, industry-leading e-procurement tool is fully integrated with our supply base and enables centralized spend management with customized go-to-market specifications.
  • Business analytics
    Custom reports provide an in-depth breakdown of savings achieved, volume management, activity levels, service levels, and other performance metrics.
  • Supplier management
    Our experts manage the assessment, qualification, contracting, and performance of our entire supplier network.
  • Commercial
    We offer customizable solutions to meet your business challenges whether the focus is on operational solutions, campaign savings, innovation, or go-to-market approaches.

We know that sourcing is essential to your success. With our intelligent and efficient purchasing outsourcing solutions, we offer a variety of service levels to help where you need it most. Together, we can save money, time, and achieve objectives – that's a huge win in our books.

Let's get to work.

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