Companies face a lot of hurdles when bringing campaigns to market quickly – anticipating user needs, limited resources, staying at the top of their industry creatively in a competitive space, strict budgets, and more. Our proprietary, industry-leading platform provides end-to-end support for the full scope of these marketing challenges, helping brands manage the entire product execution lifecycle from inception to completion, creating significant process efficiency. This technology allows us to seamlessly optimize both sourcing and campaign management by housing every project detail all in one place.

pepconnect® simplifies and streamlines all marketing operations, giving your company the luxury of more productive hours in the workday, savings on your bottom line, and overall process improvements. Our cutting-edge software also enables:

  • Strategic and smart sourcing
    Supplier management information to be including our complete supplier, contract and performance metrics database.
  • Detailed cost assessments
    Full transparency into every detail of your spend (promotion, deliverable, brand, supplier, etc.) and how it compares to previous campaigns and programs.
  • Improved speed-to-market
    Our buyers, project managers and suppliers to work together in pepConnect® in real time, no one can deliver your campaign into market quicker than pep and our partners.
  • Measurable benchmarking processes
    Detail and cost tracking for each campaign, providing you with a measurable and transparent benchmarking process to gain additional efficiencies for future projects.
  • Simplified internal controls
    All processes, budget management details and spec communication to be housed in one location, which results in a simplified process in adhering to critical security measures.
  • Tracking of campaign details
    Tracking of every single detail - timelines, campaign changes, owners for each step, project costs (single program, supplier costs, etc.), and overall results – for every single campaign you ever execute with us providing your team with more accurate quotes, timing, and performance projections for future programs.
  • Customized reporting
    All marketing campaign details to be captured within the system, from coupon details to supplier contracts, allowing a one-stop shop to assist in program analysis and future planning. Reporting can be pulled within minutes to provide your team with critical data points quickly.
  • Full transparency
    Personalized dashboard options which can include every detail of your promotion, access to key reports, upcoming milestones, and more.

With pepconnect® we've delivered over 25,000 projects on time, on budget and with cost savings, alleviated an average of 27 hours of work per program from clients, and 400+ developed and implemented unique processes.

Pictured: IT Team at the 15th annual pep rally - January 24 & 25, 2019 


Accelerate your next marketing campaign.

Experience the power of pepconnect® and how it can bring your campaign to marker quicker, at a better cost and higher quality.

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