A Day in the Life Series: Account Executive – Shopper Marketing

A Day in the Life Series: Account Executive – Shopper Marketing

Tayler Jackson – A Day in the Life Interview


How do you bring value to Shopper Marketing?

  • My organization and willingness to dive into new things. The industry is constantly changing, so I have to keep an open mind.
    Oftentimes requests are made that are out of my comfort zone, but I know that in the long-run, these things will benefit the clients, pep and myself!

How is your role different in Shopper Marketing than it was in Brand Marketing?

  • The day to day work we do on pep Shopper is very similar to the brand with the exception of some different processes. The main point of difference is that I work with individuals who directly work with a retailer & target campaigns to their consumers & demographic. Our clients look to us to be knowledgeable on the retailer’s specifications & preferences and we strive to bring them solutions that fit their needs. While national funded programs do work for retailers, there is a need and want for programs that are custom to the retailer. Like each pep client has a different personality, so do our retailers!  

Working remotely, how do you stay connected with the larger pep team and best practices?

  • I make a point to utilize my resources like Teams and even just a simple phone call. It takes a sense of accountability to make sure that I reach out. I am also more appreciative of the annual work events, like pep Rally and Mid-Year, when everyone is together. I make sure to take advantage of these opportunities to reach out and connect with the rest of my colleagues and leaders.

What advice do you have for an incoming Account Coordinator who is working to advance to an Account Executive?

  • I would say it’s a balance between overloading yourself with knowledge, but trying not to get too far ahead of yourself. Take your first year to really learn about pep and the business to create a solid foundation before you think about progressing vertically.

How did you end up at pep?

  • My boyfriend interviewed at pep previously for an internship and he told me that it would be a great fit for me due to the culture and environment. I knew that I didn’t have all of the knowledge at the time, but there were resources in place to help me learn and excel. The most important thing to me was strong company values.

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