A Day in the Life Series: Displays

A Day in the Life Series: Displays

Lori Freeman - A Day in the Life Interview

Starting up a team at a new client involves understanding pep best practices, client best practices, and industry best practices to create processes and procedures that will deliver strong results. Lori brought industry experience to the team in the area of displays and shares more about what led her to pep, what her current role involves, and advice for anyone considering a role in client services.

What was your experience prior to pep?

  • I previously worked as a Sales and Marketing Operations Manager in a CPG company. My primary focus was off-shelf merchandising. I worked closely with packaging engineer in designing displays, marketing on artwork, and plants to ensure displays were packed as requested.

What initially appealed to you about a role in client services at pep?

  • My initial appeal was pep's culture – hardworking, fun, and flexible. I have never worked in client services, but the support received by pep coworkers made the transition quite smooth. In addition, knowing that I would have a mentor was a big plus. I believe I am successful in my current position due to his patient and knowledgeable training.

Can you tell us a little bit about your current role?

  • My current role is Account Executive for ISM, handling off-shelf displays for laundry care. This encompasses working with sales/brand on everything from display conception to ensuring in-store timing is met. In order to meet the customers’ timing needs, creating and maintaining a project timeline is critical. Just as important, is working closely and following up with all stakeholders for each of the steps in the timeline.

What does it mean to you to be client-centric?

"Centering on the client comes very naturally to me. I enjoy learning how businesses run and the possibility of being able to suggest changing certain areas to be more efficient and reduce costs."

What advice would you have for someone considering a role in client services?

  • Working in client services gives you the opportunity to look from the outside in and make suggestions where improvement can be made for the enhancement of the company. If you enjoy working with lots of different personalities, are detail-oriented, and your follow-up skills are top notch, client services is where you should be!

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