A Day in the Life Series: Account Supervisor

A Day in the Life Series: Account Supervisor

Laurabeth Rohrig - A Day in the Life Interview 

In 2012, Laurabeth Rohrig joined pep as an Account Supervisor. She has led teams through change, growth, and process improvement. Her attention to detail and passion for process has streamlined and improved display and coupon processes. Continue reading to learn how Laurabeth's experiences have shaped her into the leader and project manager she is today.

What was your experience prior to pep?

  • Prior to pep, I spent nine years in the publishing industry.  I led a team that published 19 magazines (weekly & monthly) as well as corresponding websites.  I worked closely with the publishers and sales team on the advertising in the magazines and websites as well as a lot of internal reporting on P&Ls.  I managed printer relationships and collaborated with our design team on each issues page count, binding format, mail date, etc.

You have held roles across many tactics and clients, how has this shaped you as a leader?

  • Moving around internally at pep has helped me become a better project manager and leader.  I have visibility to the bigger picture and not just focused on a small portion of our business.  Aside from being able to incorporate ideas from one tactic to another, I can help my team members grow within pep and provide the guidance on where to best use their strengths/skills. I am passionate about being a resource to my team, and by having the visibility to multiple roles at pep, I encourage them to make lateral moves within the organization.

What advice do you have for someone coming into an Account Supervisor role at pep?

  • pep has a long learning curve but will set you up for success if you are engaged in the training process. Get to know your coworkers, your team, understand their strengths. Use your resources- we have a lot! When I was a new leader I sat in on a lot of optional internal meetings, client meetings with my team members, vendor meetings, etc., and just listened. The more you can throw yourself into the mix, the faster it will all ‘click’ and come together. 

"Have patience, humility, and ask questions!"

How do you balance meeting your client’s needs with meeting your team’s needs?

  • Carve out time for both.  Each team member deserves your time and commitment, so set up reoccurring meetings with each member and be engaged and present during those meetings. Listen to what they are saying and what they are NOT saying- this will help you be proactive versus reactive in many situations.  Client’s needs tend to pop up more spontaneously so be ready, and when it is a situation you have not encountered before, engage with other leaders- odds are someone at pep has had a client with the same need, and can help you navigate through it efficiently and effectively.

Which of pep’s values resonates with you the most?

  • Accountability – As a supervisor, I take responsibility for both my own projects as well as my team's work. Holding each employee accountable for their actions naturally blends itself into the other values.  pep has high expectations for their employees which is in line with what I expect of myself and my team as well. 

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