A Day in the Life Series: Associate Director

A Day in the Life Series: Associate Director

Lauren Scott - A Day in the Life Interview 

In Lauren Scott’s time at pep, she has seen the growth of her team, increased scope, and the growth of her career.  We asked her to share how her background, experience, and leadership have played into her personal and team’s success.

Could you describe your career path at pep?

  • I started my career at pep in 2016 as an Account Executive. In the four years since joining pep, I spent two years as an Account Supervisor and am now Associate Director, Client Services. I forged my path at pep by being the best where I was to prove in advance that I was ready when an opportunity for promotion became available.

How did your previous experience prepare you and help you to be successful in your roles at pep?

  • Before working at pep, I worked as a sponsorship activation manager in the WNBA. My work in this previous role prepared me for my time at pep. I came in with a substantial client services background and was used to taking client ideas and needs and creating an execution plan. I believe this also helped me as a leader in balancing team and client needs.

As a leader, how do you balance meeting the client’s needs and meeting your team’s needs?

  • It is necessary to recognize when the client's needs are just the stretch my team needs. And while it may lay outside of their current capacity, figuring it out will be a tremendous hands-on development opportunity.

"It is all about finding, when possible, the answer that lays at the intersection of both needs."

How has challenging yourself or taking risks helped in your career development?​

  • These moments of stretching have been pivotal in my career. I made intentional choices to volunteer for training and to speak up where relevant. Recently, I have taken risks by stepping outside my comfort zone and building mentor and sponsor relationships with senior leaders at pep and WPP. I have no idea where these relationships will lead, but I know that I am gaining many new insights and leadership development from each conversation.

What skills or strengths are you looking for when building a team?

  • The strength I look for the most when building a team is a desire to learn and grow. The best team members I've had always want to know more and find new ways to apply their knowledge. A team full of people working towards expertise in different areas creates an efficient, well-rounded team.

Which of pep's values resonates with you the most?

  • My passion for developing people is why pep's people value resonates most with me. A company that focuses on its people's needs, potential, and strengths will make decisions that create a strong company with employees who want to improve and grow themselves, and as a result, the company. 

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