A Day in the Life: Account Coordinator

A Day in the Life: Account Coordinator

Carly Varhula - A Day in the Life Series

Starting remotely, building expertise, and making an impact can be three unique challenges.  Carly Varhula has strengths like Adaptability, Restorative, and Harmony that have set her up for success in her current role and future roles.  We’ve asked Carly to share more about her experience at pep.

How was your background impacted your success in your current role?

  • In my previous position, I never really knew what was going to happen from day to day but still had to be prepared for anything. This definitely prepared me for being an Account Coordinator on my assigned client account. Even though I have a better idea of what my day will bring me with pep, you never know when something will happen and you’ll need to be ready to go.

What advice would you have from someone coming into an Account Coordinator Role?

"One piece of advice I would give for an incoming Account Coordinator would be to make sure you’re saying yes to learning new things."

  • It is advantageous to your development in the role and with pep to get involved when you can. Being able to provide support for both national and trade coupons has helped me get to know both my pep team and client team so much better. In addition, it’s given me a better look into the coupon industry in general and helped me learn different tasks a lot faster.

How do you stay current with trends and best practices?

  • I think that one of the best ways to stay current is to ask questions! We are so lucky that many people within pep and with clients have a ton of experience. My colleagues have also been helpful in pointing me towards industry newsletters or articles that can further my knowledge. I find it helpful to ask specific questions and even some hypotheticals from time to time to expand my knowledge bank.

Can you describe a time when you were able to grow professionally through a challenging assignment?

  • This isn’t a specific assignment, but learning to work during a pandemic has been very challenging. My first day with pep ended up being the first day that on site offices closed in 2020, so navigating the work-from-home world has been interesting. The biggest thing I learned is that patience is so important. Since no one had ever trained remotely before, it was a learning curve for all of us. We had to make sure that our communication skills were always at 100% so that I could get on track while the team still kept up to date with their responsibilities.

Which of pep’s value’s resonates with you the most?

  • I resonate with accountability the most. I have worked on teams where other co-workers did not have the same high expectations for each other as I did, so working with my team has been a breath of fresh air. I always know that if I ask for help on a task my team will be there ready and willing to assist.

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